Shakira And Cardi B's Hit Song 'Puntería' Roars In The Music Industry

Shakira is on the hunt in her music video for "Puntería," her collaboration with Cardi B.

The pink-filled, mythological-themed clip for the song features the Colombian superstar taking aim -- the song's English translation -- at "Emily in Paris" actor Lucien Laviscount, who takes the form of a centaur.

In the music video, a bow-wielding Shakira fires off an arrow straight into Laviscount's heart, wounding him.

Laviscount, now fully a human, is then presented to Shakira and Cardi B as they sit on a throne, with the "Hips Don't Lie" singer rushing over to help heal him. Things then turn romantic.

"You have good aim / You know where to hit me so I stay surrendered / You attack me where it hurts the most, you don't suit me / But in your bed or mine, I forget all that," Shakira sings in the chorus.

Cardi B then raps that she's a "pretty lil' thing from face to feet" while sitting atop the centaur's back.

Watch the full music video below.

"Puntería" is the latest song off Shakira's forthcoming album "Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran," her 12th studio album, which dropped March 22. The name of the album translates to English as "Women No Longer Cry."

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