Uganda: We Can't Dump Our Son Cause He Loves A Man; Parents Accepts Their Gay Son Marrying Another Man

Ugandan couple, Mr and Mrs Odong have come out to speak on accepting their son, Andrew, as a gay man.

Andrew who is married to a Nigerian gay man, Tosin Ojutalayo, made headlines last year when they had their dream wedding in France in May 2023, which was attended by Andrew’s parents.

In a podcast with their son, the Odongs spoke of how they couldn’t turn their back on Andrew because of his sexuality.

Andrew's father stated that he knew that being gay wasn't something Andrew could change from.

‘’It is what you are. You are not going to change for somebody, even for your parents. If that is what you are''.

Speaking, his mum said she knows that her son being gay doesn't imply that he is ill or that he would die. 

‘’It's just love. I can't see myself dumping my child for love. Tosin and Andrew as I know them are my children. They are going to be my children for the rest of my life until I die''

Watch a video of them speaking below.

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