Workers Who Fail To Recognize LGBTQ Rights Are Dismissed : Canada Based Singer Kofi Mante

Canada-based Ghanaian musician, Kofi Mante born Wilson Manteaw has disclosed how workers are sacked in some countries for their failure to acknowledge the rights of LGBTQ people

The Ghanaian singer who resides in Ontario stated on Property FM in Cape Coast that issues of LGBTQ rights are treated more seriously in advanced countries.

He said “In Canada when you work with someone and you know the person is a male and the person decides that he wants to go through a transition to become a female you have to accept.

“They would announce at the workplace that the person who is a male is going through a transition and should be recognized as a female afterwards.

“If you mention the name of the person who has transitioned and you fail to recognize that the person is now female you will be fired at the workplace.

He revealed, “You will be told that you are disrespecting the person’s right to transition from male to female so they can no longer work with you”.

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