Afronita’s Mum Asked Me To Stop Managing Endurance Or Afronita Will Leave : Quables


Co-founder of DWP (Dance With Purpose), Quables has broken silence on what triggered one of his members, Afronita to leave the dancing group.

The manager, who hardly speaks on social media claims there is no particular reason why Afronita left the DWP even though the group made her who she is now.

Speaking with Kwadwo Sheldon in an interview sighted by, Quables disclosed that numerous factors triggered Afronita’s decision to leave the DWP.

To mention a few, the young Chief Executive Officer noted that the mother of Afronita once asked him to stop managing Endurance, another DWP member.

According to him, the mother of the young professional dancer did not like the idea of him managing Endurance alongside Afronita.

Quables did not give a precise reason why Afronita’s mother was against him managing Endurance, but his gestures have made netizens conclude that Afronita’s mother envied the success of Endurance.

He stated categorically that he was told by Afronita’s mother to choose between managing Endurance Grand and ignoring Afronita or managing Afronita and ignoring Endurance Grand.

Get the interview here.

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