Biden Calls Trump Main Threat To US Democracy

US President, Joe Biden has called his Republican opponent Donald Trump the main threat to US democracy.

In an interview aired Tuesday, April 9 on the main US Spanish-language TV network, Univision in the Oval Office when asked about the “primary threat to freedom and democracy at home,” Biden responded: “Donald Trump. Seriously.”

Biden referred to Trump’s support for the mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, inflicting “destruction and the mayhem” in an attempt to overturn his election loss to Biden two months earlier.

Trump praised what he calls the January 6 “patriots” central to his current election campaign, saying that if elected in November he will issue pardons to the hundreds sentenced to prison for crimes including attacking police and seditious conspiracy.

Biden referred to congressional testimony that Trump had watched the riot for several hours on live television from the White House without attempting to intervene.

“The idea that he would sit in the office… and watch for hours the attack on the Capitol,” Biden said, adding that Trump “uses phrases like you’re gonna… eviscerate the Constitution (and) he’s going to be a dictator on day one.”

“I can’t think of any other time, in my lifetime, in history that’s occurred, that you’ve had somebody who’s had this kind of attitude,” Biden said.

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