Criss Waddle Likes It Bushy : Abena Korkor Says As She Posts Herself With Her Bushy V Online


Recall that last February, Ghanaian media personality, Abena Korkor, heaped praises on AMG Boss, Criss Waddle in a self-recorded video that sparked reactions online.

According to Abena Korkor, she missed the rapper and music executive’s ‘heavy natural goods’ hanging between his thighs.

She confirmed in the video that Criss Waddle has exactly the type of gbola she loves and will do anything to have more of it.

Fast forward to April, Abena Korkor has once again alleged that the AMG boss likes it when the V is bushy.

According to the mental health advocate, she intentionally kept her V bushy when she was dating Criss Waddle because that’s how he liked it.

Abena Korkor proceeded to share a bikini photo of herself and another one with her complete raw body and showing her bushy V.

Abena Korkor has always mentioned Criss Waddle as part of the many influential men she has slept with.

Shockingly, the rapper has never reacted to the heavy accusations making it appear that Abena Korkor’s claims are true.

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