Dulcie Boateng And Others Arrested At Her Porials Pitch Event


Dulcie Boateng and some people were arrested by personnel of the Ghana Police Service at her Porials Pitch event.

The Porials Pitch event organised by 27-year-old Dulcie was to link people with some product manufacturers from Ghana and Nigeria.

The event organised at the Accra Mall saw over a thousand people in attendance with sellers also making gains from their product sales.

According to a report, Dulcie’s arrest was a result of some manufacturers selling unregistered products to customers without approval from the FDA.

Boric acid suppository, ‘Bootyzone’ ‘butt’ enlargement, Weight gain syrups, Flat tummy potion, and Soaps were some of the items confiscated by the police.

It continued that Dulcie who was placed on a bus while the police team went out to arrest other manufacturers returned to meet the bus empty with Dulcie nowhere to be found.

The source revealed that the other people who were arrested were released by the Police after their statements were taken.

It added that they may face charges for selling unapproved products to customers in the coming days.

The action was taken by the Pharmacy Council of Ghana and the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service.

Dulcie Boateng as of the time of this publication is yet to make or release a statement on the matter.

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