Elon Musk Launches XTV Station But Fans Say It Sounds Like Raunchy Adult Channel

Elon Musk has launched a new TV channel but people think it sounds like an adult site. 


The Tesla owner posted a 12-second teaser clip to his personal account on X, formerly Twitter. It showcased XTV, featuring the logo of the recently rebranded social media account on a stack of black and white TVs. 


The clip, which has been viewed 1.8million times at the point of publication, sees the camera zoom out from one TV to show the full stack, with the screens coming together to all collectively form a single X.

On April 23, X launched its new video app as Musk’s recently acquired firm continued its push into the format. It has promised a video trend algorithm feature, using AI to tailor content and will supposedly allow viewers to start watching on their phones and then pick up where they left off on their TV.


“We’re focusing on launching this new feature for consumers first, but we do plan to monetize it, and will discuss different forms of partnerships — and that may include ads,” Musk told corporate partners last week. 


But despite the corporate lingo, people have taken to X to point out that the new channel sounds like it has a more X-rated tone. 

“X rated X TV only on X,” one person commented.


Another commented: “So is it gonna be straight porn or wut?” 


Another wrote: “ah yes xvideos lmao."

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