Iran VS Israel: The Beginnings Of WW III? : Here’s All You Need To Know


Two days ago, Iran retaliated against Israel by firing more than 200 air munitions that included armed drones, and ballistic and cruise missiles.

This attack was in response to Israel’s bombing of an Iranian consulate in Syria which killed many including some top commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Israel did not deny or agree that they carried out the attack. Although, it had been reported that the Israelis, following the October 7 attack in Israel by Hamas that killed 1,400 Israelis, Israel launched an all out attack on Gaza including special operations.

These operations saw Israel gather intelligence from Hamas prisoners as well as from materials seized, that Iran through proxies had contributed about $200 million to Hamas to attack Israel.

The Israelis “probably” (I use probably because Israel has not confirmed that they are behind the attack on Iran) launched special air operations to take out the Iranian commanders of the IRGC who they thought arms Hamas to spread chaos.

Back to the retaliation by Iran, Guess what? Israel, US and UK forces shot down most of the 200 military projectiles launched by Iran on Israel.

The few that landed did minimal damage. This morning Biden then warned Israel not to retaliate militarily against Iran because:

1. It was a win. That is, Iranian bombs did not do damage.

2. Iran has signified that having fired 200 missiles, they consider their response appropriate and the matter concluded

3. US will now carry out intense diplomatic efforts to tackle Iran.

The question now on everyone’s lips is “Will Israel agree not to respond?” The Israelis have coconut heads and are well known to do what they plan to do with or without the help of the US.

I dare say that should Israel retaliate, Joe Biden cannot stop America from going to Israel’s aid. Why? Jews are at the very top of major US establishments that the political class including Biden look up to for funds to win elections.

They are in Finance, Military Industry, Education, Politics etc. And they command billions. Another question, if Israel retaliates, will China and Russia side with Iran? My answer is = Politically and Diplomatically, Yes. Militarily, No.

This is because Russia is still militarily not strong enough to fight on 2 fronts (Ukraine and in the Middle East) and China will NEVER go to war on behalf on another especially when it does not threaten China’s security.

Third question, who can win should Israel and Iran go to war? Israel. Why? A. Correlation of Forces: Iran military, add Hezbollah, Yemen Houthis, Hamas and Iraqi proxies.

Israel military has more modern airplanes, bombs and tanks, but lesser military personnel, can call on the Almighty power of the US.

The US is duty bound to respond. No one in this world yet, not even China can match US military strength and technology.

B. Israel has nuclear bombs, Iran does not. In essence, Israel can level Iran if they want. Global moral outrage might stay their hands for the moment but if they face an existential threat they will use their nukes.

Last question, can an Israeli response lead to WW 3? Very possible. But How? Not directly per say, If Israel retaliates against Iran, Iran activates it military forces to step in.

Russia uses the opportunity to finish Ukraine, of which Europe (France and Britain especially) afraid of a new Russian dominance (They all remember the Soviet Union), will galvanize it military forces to defend their frontier because Putin will not stop at Ukraine. He is already making moves in Moldova.

China might seize the opportunity to take Taiwan. Of which, US having signed a defense pact with Taiwan, will have to also send forces and Japan will have no choice but to be involved.

North Korea will take the opportunity that US and China are distracted, to invade South Korea.

Morocco might invade Western Sahara, and so on. What do you think will happen? Will Israel retaliate? If they do, do you see WW 3 happening?

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