Israeli Supermodel, Bar Refaeli Accuses Bella Hadid Of Spreading Fake News With PHOTO Of 'Starving Gaza Child'


Israeli supermodel, Bar Refaeli has accused Bella Hadid of spreading fake news with a post showing Palestinian children.


On Monday, Hadid, 27, shared an image of the children to her 60 million followers along with the caption: 'Gaza on my mind.' a reference to the continuing situation in the Palestinian territory currently under attack by Israel.

However, the clip was originally from the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria and came from a 2021 documentary directed by Bashar al-Assad during the Syrian civil war.


Today, Refaeli took to her own Instagram to call out Hadid. She shared a screenshot of the model's post with a red 'fake news' stamp over the top.


'Didn't you learn from your sister's mistake?' she wrote, likely in reference to Bella's older sister Gigi Hadid's own blunder in which she claimed Israel is 'the only country in the world that keeps children as prisoners of war'.

Gigi's post accused Israel of the 'abduction, rape, humiliation, torture, murder of Palestinians' but the model, whose father is Palestinian and who last year likened Israelis to Nazis - apologised for her 'mistake', which she said was careless.


'Taking innocent people as hostages is never okay,' Hadid wrote at the time, adding: 'Hurting someone because they are Jewish is never okay.'


At the time, Refaeli hit out at Gigi in the wake of her post. She shared other posts calling out Gigi, and also shared a video of a spokesperson for the Israel Defence Forces talking about the country's Iron Dome defence system and the ongoing conflict with Hamas which was sparked by the October 7 terror attack.

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