Kanye West Sued By Ex-Employee

A former employee of Trevor Phillips has filed a lawsuit against Kanye West over alleged bizarre plans for kids attending his Donda academy.


Phillips who disclosed that he was brought on to the Yeezy org in late 2022, also claimed that Kanye openly espoused antisemitic rhetoric at the school. He further revealed that he was tasked with growing the cotton production for Kanye's fashion line.


He claimed his duties quickly expanded and started to encompass handling Ye's Donda Academy school as well, which he says started to experience difficulty as a result of Kanye's public rants.

Phillips said Kanye frequently shared his antisemitic views with Donda Academy staffers, and also around students. During one particular meeting, Phillips alleged Ye was spewing antisemitic rhetoric as he announced in front of 2 children, he wanted to shave their heads, and intend to create a jail at the school, threatening students could be locked in cages under his proposed plan.


Phillips also described a bizarre incident when he met Kanye at the Nobu Hotel in Malibu. Ye allegedly complained to the staff about the fact Batman wasn't playing in the room they were in, and then said, "These Jews are greedy," and declared "Hitler was great" and “He's the reason we have cars.”


Kanye also talked about having a porn addiction. Phillips claimed that Ye told him he used to have orgies every day, but now he's just masturbating a lot. During this same encounter, Phillips claimed Ye declared he intended to go on the attack against gay people, too, allegedly saying “Gay people are not true Christians. And gay people are controlled by Bill Gates so that they don't have children for population control.”


Phillips also alleged Ye made a habit of berating and bullying Black employees, including himself, at Donda. In the end, he said he was fired by Kanye on a whim in May 2023, during a Sunday Service.


He later learned he was canned because Kanye didn't like the garden on display during the service. Phillips is suing Kanye for discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment and a host of other things. He is also seeking major damages. 

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