Ne-Yo's Baby mama calls Him A Deadbeat

 Sade Bagnerise, the woman whose affair with Ne-Yo allegedly made his wife file for divorce, has gone on live to call the singer out.


Sade, who has two children with Ne-Yo, went live on Instagram while in the same house with the singer.


She accused him of abuse, being a deadbeat to their kids, and caring more about all his other women than his kids.


Sade started recording while arguing with Ne-Yo, and she accused him of bodyslamming her and not being around for their kids.


Sade called him “Diddy Jr.” and accused him of having freak-offs and bringing drugs and women into the home with their children.


“Tell them about the freak-off Diddy Jr..” Shade said.


At one point, Sade says Ne-Yo is “calling the police.”


The singer was speaking to another man when Sade called out, “You know what you did, you body slammed me on the floor.” 


More clips show Sade Bagernise challenging Ne-Yo to show the viewers the “real [him].”


She then claims that Ne-Yo wants her out of the way to host parties with other women while their kids are in the house.


Sade says he likes to have drugs, such as marijuana and mushrooms, and “prostitutes” and alcohol-induced gatherings while their kids are with him.


After slamming Ne-Yo via video, Sade returned to Instagram on Thursday, April 25, with a couple of paragraphs for the singer.


She seemed to accuse the R&B hit-maker of creating “false narratives” and making “empty promises.”

Sade also denied being Crystal Renay's "karma" after people told her that what is going on with her and Ne-Yo now is her own "karma" for what she did to Crystal and she is Crystal's karma for what Crystal did to Ne-Yo's first baby mama.

Sade said: “Hell I neverrrrrr ever even came to this internet and said who my BD was to begin with. Let’s start there. Y’all swear I was that lady karma and now y’all swear this mine. So wtf y’all got BF and BD problems fa? Lmao y’all sh*t just not on the internet.”


Sade has previously insisted that she "privately apologised" to Ne-Yo's ex-wife, Crystal Renay, following their affair.


After he live video, Sade apologized to Ne-Yo in one of her IG Stories for airing out their business, but she seemed angry again by the next Story.


Watch the video below.

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