Simi And Tiwa Savage Collab On New Single, "Men Are Crazy"

Simi and Tiwa Savage are undeniably two of Nigerian pop’s leading women. While both are distinct in musical style and outward personality, their value to Afrobeats goes beyond the formidable albums and stack of hit singles they have between them.

In a space where women are always put up against their colleagues, the coexistence of the hugely successful Simi and Tiwa Savage is proof that there’s room for more than one or a handful of successful female musicians. And this is evident in the growing number of thriving women in Nigerian music these days. Fittingly, the first collaboration between the two stars sees them negotiate the value of men in modern relationships.

Right from its title, “Men Are Crazy” is straightforward. It’s a denunciation of the toxicity men are used to perpetrating and getting away with, while also factoring in the yearning to be with a man. It’s a representation of the heterosexual conundrum that’s quite the popular conversation on social media. “Men are crazy but I still want one in my bed,” Simi sings on the hook, capturing the “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” sentiments on the song.

In the first verse, Simi is confrontational, warding off the advances of a man with sharp barbs. Tiwa Savage, in her usual feature-killing mode, throws in a handful of anecdotal couplets, echoing the contemporary thoughts of many women where men and romance are involved, before ending on begrudging, if warm, terms. “When the night gets cold and lonely / I miss you and your craziness.”

The bouncy mid-tempo single is the newest release ahead of Simi’s upcoming fifth album, scheduled for next month. “Men Are Crazy” is accompanied by a slick set of visuals helmed by Director Pink, a woman whose prowess behind the camera is garnering her more popularity. The video, set in a cabaret, features Simi and Tiwa Savage in their diva element, along with dancers who perform energetic moves, and men who serve as props.

Watch “Men Are Crazy” below.

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