Stroke & Sip: Brand Anchor Hosts A Night Of Fun For The Young And Influential

Brand Anchor is shaking things up with their latest networking event: Stroke & Sip, a night of art and fun. It was a time of unleashing creativity, fostering connections, and having a blast with clientele and digital influencers. 

Let's face it, the traditional office environment isn't exactly known for sparking artistic expression and Brand Anchor gets it. The "Anchorholics" ditched deadlines for a day and let their hair down to explore and express their inner Picasso, Van Gogh and Basquiat.  

Stroke & Sip wasn't just a paint-by-numbers event, but went beyond the canvas to offer chances to bond over good food, good music and laughter. 

In a statement to the press, the CEO of Brand Anchor Global, Kofi Ayeh Akrofi (@kofiayehakrofi) said, "Beyond the good times, this innovative event serves a strategic purpose to strengthen team spirit, encourage creative expressions, and even promote a healthy work-life balance by helping people de-stress and decompress."

The marketing and advertising agency is setting a standard for employee-stakeholder engagement with Stroke & Sip as a prime example of how companies can prioritize creativity, well-being, and team spirit – all while fostering a fun and inspiring workplace culture. 

Brand Anchor Global (@brandanchorglobal) is a fast-growing boutique marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Accra, Ghana, telling brand stories in ways that create long-lasting impact, growth and reach. Their secret sauce? A blend of research, problem-solving strategic planning, eye-catching visual design, sharp copywriting and insight-driven marketing campaigns.

Source: Dwamena Stephen

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