Tee Kae Shines With Latest Release "My Last" : A Hauntingly Beautiful Ballad | LISTEN

Ghanaian/French singer and songwriter Tee Kae has just dropped her latest single titled “My Last.” This poignant song is Tee Kae’s fourth release since the beginning of her career in 2023.

My last tells a story of a toxic relationship that takes away the energy, mind and soul of the victim. Love can sometimes numb the pain of being manipulated and you keep asking yourself if you’re the blame or not and how leaving will affect both the individual and yourself. But Hey! Your mental health comes first before anyone so you have to draw the line when the person you once loved is the same person you hate more than anything Love is really a losing gain!

Madeleine Badu, also known as Tee Kae, discovered her passion for music at a young age through singing in and leading her church music group. Influenced by iconic artists such as Alicia Keys and H.E.R, Tee Kae embarked on a journey to create her unique sound, combining Afro-R&B/Soul, Indie vocals, and a hint of Trap with Alté rhythms. Her music effortlessly blends her native languages with French, resulting in an exceptional fusion that sets her apart as a versatile artiste within the Alté genre.

Tee Kae fearlessly experiments with genres, drawing inspiration from diverse musical backgrounds. Her artistic versatility shines through as she continuously pushes the boundaries of her music, captivating listeners with every release. Starting with promising acoustic covers of popular songs, Tee Kae showcased her exceptional vocal abilities and musical finesse. After a transformative year of introspection and growth, she emerged with a renewed artistic direction.

As an Alté artiste, Tee Kae is at the forefront of redefining contemporary African music. She seamlessly blends cultural influences with global sounds, creating a fresh and captivating musical experience. Tee Kae’s passion for storytelling through music, combined with her unrivaled vocal prowess, positions her as an artist to watch in the industry.

Listen to my last on all platforms here. Follow Tee Kae on Instagram | X

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