US-Based Model Clarifies Relationship With Davido Amid Social Media Controversy


U.S.-based model identified as ‘Gorgeous Doll’ sparked controversy on social media after accidentally sharing a ‘cozy’ photo with Nigerian singer Davido.

The image, depicting the pair in an intimate pose with Davido’s arm around her, quickly circulated online despite being swiftly retracted. Netizens speculated on their relationship, prompting backlash from some fans of the Afrobeat star.

She also posted a video showing Davido on his knees, seemingly begging her while crying.

In response to the online uproar, the model addressed the situation with a TikTok video, revealing that her close friend was responsible for posting the photos and videos of Davido.

She revealed that Davido is just a friend, stating, “He’s comfortable around me being in videos because we know the friendship we have and there’s nothing to hide.”

she clarified their professional relationship, stating, “Me and David are just friends and I style him time to time along with assisting with local bookings in the USA. That’s it, that’s all. We have a mutual respect for each other. Period. Point blank. Please stop the fake news.” She shared.

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