While I Was Still Chopping Serwaa Amihere, She Warned Me Never To Date Sandra Ankobeah : Henry Fritz Alleges


Henry Fitz has once again alleged that Serwaa Amihere warned her never to have a romantic relationship with Sandra Ankobeah who one of her known close friends alongside Nana Aba.

According to Henry Fitz who spoke in the course of a phone-in interview with Troubleman Carlos, Nana Aba wanted to link him up with Sandra Ankobeah despite knowing well that he was dating Serwaa.

As alleged by Henry who now has a legal case with the State for conspiring with two people to drop an intimate video between himself and Serwaa.

He secretly told Serwaa Amihere that her godmother wanted him to dump her for Sandra Ankobeah.

Protecting her spoils by all means, Serwaa cautioned him to be careful of Sandra.

Going a step further to protect her trophy, Serwaa Amihere personally drove to Sandra Ankobeah’s house to warn her to stay away from him (Henry).

Henry Fitz who has been nicknamed ‘Atopa Messiah’ claims he informed Serwaa Amihere about Nana Aba’s schemed plan of pushing Sandra Ankobeah to him because of his loyalty to her

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