‘You Have Been Used’ : Sakawa Boys Tell Lady As They Watch Her Die | WATCH


A video in fast circulation sees a young lady begging for her life at the mercy of some sakawa boys in a room.

The lady visited her boyfriend who unfortunately forms part of the sakawa gang to spend the night until the unexpected happened.

It is said that this gang stormed the room after the boyfriend had given the green light to his people to come and finish her.

In the viral footage, the lady is seen vomiting profusely while heavily circled by the guys who were in happy moments because they had gotten someone to sacrifice for money.

The lady as seen in the clip is helpless. The Sakawa Guys watched closely as they waited for her to die and then do the next agenda with the body.

Commentaries around the video suggest that the lady loves money and hence cares less about the source of money from her lover who is a part of the gang.

Watch below.

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