You Will Be Arrested If You Make Threatening Comments About The Elections : Interior Minister


The Interior Minister Hon Henry Quartey has issued a stern warning to social media commentators and politicians to be careful what they post online.

Election 2024 is just months away and politicians, party communicators and party faithful are all over social media campaigning for their party to win the upcoming elections.

But Hon Henry Quartey has revealed that the Ghana Police Service is monitoring social media and would arrest anyone who makes threatening posts about the election.

Speaking at the Police Headquarters during his first visit as the Interior Minister, he stated that Ghana has been enjoying peace for a long time and wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy that.

According to him, people sit in the comfort of their houses go on social media and post anything that comes to mind and this could hinder the peace the country is enjoying going into the elections.

He said: “We have passed a law in Parliament, the false publication. Social media has become a space where everybody threatens everybody and says anything anyhow. As IGP you have the powers with you.

People sit in the comforts of their rooms and threatens that on the day of elections we will cut them into pieces with machetes. Anybody who makes those remarks we will go after you because that is what the law says. Your statement, and your action should not incite the public, it must not create fear and panic in the public.

Free speech, free association, and free movement but we must be guarded by our statement not to create fear and panic.

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