Kenyan Social Media Influencer Sets Internet On Fire After Sharing Her 18+ PHOTOS


Kenyan social media influencer Siah has united Netizens after sharing her stunning photos half naked.

Siah shared her new three stylish photos completely naked while covering her private parts with a pillow.

The Photos, was accompanied a caption written “When I reach 24 years old, I am saved”.

However, the photos has triggered dirty reactions from Netizens as they are throwing their opinions in comment section as many are eager to know who took those photos.


Before you reach that age, show each other every part of the body and you will survive well.

It’s true once a hoe always a hoe. If you survive and grow up drinking holy water to give these things, you have done it for yourself.

Waaah anything for engagement come on I’m also a post haga, I’ve gone through the comments and heard someone saying that a Kenyan is better if he’s happy, hold his neck. Hi, this is Milaya Buan.


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