Medical Doctor Running For His Life

Over the years issues with insecurity among citizens are on the rise and the authorities seem to pay less attention on them.our communities are gradually turning into an animal kingdom where the fittest only survive,peoples freedom are being infringed and the responsible authorities are sitting down idle without bringing perpetrators to book.

Such is the case of one medical Doctor Intern Afful Opoku of Techiman Holy Family Hospital who also work as a part time care giver at Anhwiaso District Hospital, who in the line of his duties attended to 2 patients who are suspected to be gays and fallen sick.

The community of Anhwiaso upon gotten to know Dr. Afful has to these two gay couples and given them medical attention, got angry and charged on him to ask why he didn’t turn them away to die but treated them.

They violently attacked him in his house and threatened to take his life if he doesn’t desist from attending to them.

Currently the medical doctor is on the run with his family fearing for his life after reporting to the Police and yet the threats kept coming.

After the Ghana Parliament passed the Bill criminalizing LGBTQ+ and waiting on the President to sign the bill into law,people have already taken matters into their own hands endangering the life of people who are suspected to be gays and lesbians.

We are calling on the government and other stake holders in charge of protecting lives and property to be on their feet to protect the rights of the citizens.

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