Rev. Shantel Boamah T-K Releases New Single 'We Are Praying' Off 'His Eminence' Album | LISTEN

Renowned gospel minister Rev. Shantel Boamah T-K has released a powerful new single titled 'We Are Praying', the first offering from her upcoming album 'His Eminence'. This song is a testament to her passion for worship and her dedication to leading others to the throne room of grace.

As the daughter of Prophet Bernard Opoku-Nsiah and Rev. Mrs. Elizabeth Opoku-Nsiah, Rev. Shantel Boamah T-K was raised in a family deeply rooted in faith and music. Her upbringing has undoubtedly influenced her musical style, which is characterized by heartfelt lyrics and soaring melodies.

'We Are Praying' (also known as 'Sikandela' in local dialect) is a beautiful expression of devotion and faith. The song is a fitting introduction to the highly anticipated album 'His Eminence', which promises to be a landmark release in the gospel music scene.

With 'We Are Praying' now available, fans and music lovers alike can look forward to more inspiring and uplifting music from Rev. Shantel Boamah T-K in the coming months. Her commitment to sharing the message of hope and redemption through her music is a blessing to many, and her new single is a testament to her enduring talent and passion.

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