Dietician Advises Ghanaians To Stop Eating Fufu After 4 pm

Certified Ghanaian dietician, Dr Ibrahim Osman has advised Ghanaians to stop eating fufu after 4 pm because it’s very dangerous.

Speaking in an interview on TV XYZ, Dr Ibrahim explained that since it takes a lot of time for fufu to digest, it’s not advisable to eat it after 4 pm because it will put a to of pressure on both the small intestines and kidneys.

As advised by Dr Ibrahim, fufu should be eaten either early in the morning or not past 2 pm.

Dr. Osman recommended that we should try as much as possible to eat something light before retiring to bed because such foods are easy to digest and puts less pressure on both the small intestines and kidneys.

He additionally encouraged the masses to completely stay away from junk foods and instead eat more fruits and vegetables.

Below are some of the reactions from Ghanaians who are shocked by Dr Ibrahim’s claims that eating fufu after 4 pm is dangerous.

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