Hajia Bintu Reportedly Acquires A New Benz

Ghanaian socialite and Tiktok star Hajia Bintu reportedly acquired a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV just months after flaunting her first car, a jaguar.

Recall that after Hajia Bintu flaunted her Jaguar on the internet for the first time some months back, social media users strongly suggested that her Naija trip sponsored it.

This new car has sparked a new rumour on the internet about her alleged pimp activities.

According to some critics, since Hajia Bintu has no available 9-5 job or business, there’s no way the car was financed from her own pocket.

Comments under the video staunchly conclude that the car was financed by one of her numerous sugar daddies.

It’s not surprising many Ghanaians strongly believe the car was bought for Hajia Bintu by one of her numerous sugar daddies because all she does is Tiktok.

And as we all know, there’s no way she can afford this expensive car just with the gigs she gets from brands.

It can also be that Hajia Bintu only borrowed the car to flaunt on the internet as hers just to trend and make it into the news because it’s been a long time since she made it into the headlines.

Watch the video below to know more…


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