“I Cried Every Night About My Inability To Make Babies” : Diana Hamilton

Ghanaian gospel singer Diana Hamilton has recounted the difficult years of her married life when she was unable to make babies.

It took her more than six years for her to eventually conceive and give birth and during those times, she went to bed each night with teary eyes.

Speaking on JOY Prime, Dian Hamilton said that due to what she went through, she urges that women who are not able to make babies be treated fairly.

“I cried at the end of every month when I was hopeful and it didn’t happen. Like a Christian, you don’t cry like an unbeliever, you cry as somebody who has hope.”

If you don’t cry, then you’re being a hypocrite. So I cried, but I trusted God and, when God did it, it was a miracle.”

Diana Hamilton added that most of her songs were inspired by the joy she felt when she started making babies. Looking back at the bitter treatment and all tears, she believes they were worth it.

The “Adom” hitmaker added that one of the lowest points of her life was when she was struck by a deadly disease that nearly took her life.

“I was hospitalised for six days or so and they couldn’t tell what it was and fear gripped me because it was at the height of Covid when nobody was allowed to come in and I was afraid for my life.”

“Tests were run and they couldn’t tell me what it was. My infection rate was going up, they were trying every antibiotic [but] in the height of my fears God brought me healing that was mind-blowing.”

Diana Hamilton, 43, is married to Dr Joseph Hamilton and the couple has a set of twins (Michaela and Michael).

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