“Welcome Home” : Teacher Kwadwo Reacts Happily To Sacking Of GES Boss

The Ghanaian comedian, Teacher Kwadwo, could not hide his excitement following the sacking of Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, boss of the Ghana Education Service.

This comes to the actor as a piece of good news based on the fact that the man initiated his ousting from the service as a teacher after he went hard on them.

Teacher Kwadwo deemed himself to have been witch-hunted by the Ghana Education Service after he cried foul over the abandonment of some classroom blocks he helped build for a poor village school.

Following some internal wranglings and work-related machinations, Teacher Kwadwo was asked to leave his position as a teacher.

The Ghana Education Service, under the leadership of Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, signed his dismissal letter.

On the back of that, Teacher Kwadwo could only smile since the man who wanted him out and actually succeeded in getting him out, has also been ousted by the President.

In a tweet, Teacher Kwadwo sarcastically welcomes Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa home as he could only hide his joy about how it has all panned out.

Nana-Quarmi wrote: U get this man ooooh!! But if then sack that your director for your district diierrr a swear he go do party.

Adzo wrote: Nana Nebuchadnezzar Addo, don’t dare him oo He will deal with you of you don’t sing his praises

Daniel reacted: He has a round shaped spectacle like the president, this is challenging the president. So he must go home.

Abdul-Barki wrote: In Ghana, if you want to fight the System, the System will fight you stronger.

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