Ghanaians Descend On Nana Addo For Saying ‘Sika Mp3 Dede’

Nana Addo’s infamous ‘sika mp3 dede’ statement has wakened the anger in most Ghanaians which was earlier sleeping comfortably.

In Nana Addo’s most anticipated address to the nation yesterday, he failed to give out concrete measures needed to tackle the depreciation of the cedi and the hot economic climate.

To make matters worse, he decided to list some vague achievements, offered no real solutions and blatantly told Ghanaians to shut up as ‘sika mp3 dede’ which translates into English as ‘money doesn’t like noise’.

As fumed by most Ghanaians, it was very insensitive on the part of Nana Addo to make such remarks.

Because he’s subtly refusing to take the blame for the chaos we find ourselves inside and instead, chiding Ghanaians for loudly complaining about the economic hardships.

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