I’m Still The Richest And Wealthiest Socialite In Ghana : Moesha Boduong Brags


One can’t tell if Moesha Boduong truly has repented or is just chasing clout in the guise of being touched by the Holy Spirit.

After she ‘repented’ she has been making several utterances that have raised questions about her true contrition.

Well, in another hit, the socialite has made some remarks in a viral audio recording. According to her, she is still the wealthiest Ghanaian socialite.

Her statements were in an attempt to send a message to her detractors that she’s still on her toes and is making it big time and shall continue to make it more.

In the same audio, the actress/socialite said that she is ready to make Ghanaian ladies envious.

“Guys, I am going to make every woman in Ghana jealous not only Ghana but every part of the world and you guys are not going to be having the same Moesha you guys used to have.

All my haters, all loved ones and everybody that has secretly wished me to fail, secretly wish me to lose everything, secretly wish me not to be the best version of myself and wished me not to be the perfect Moesha, God has really changed my story.

I am still the richest wealthiest socialite in the world. You guys are going to be blown away with my performances this Christmas and don’t hesitate to call me”.

Listen to her speak in the audio below.


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