I’ve Been Dating My Best Friend’s Husband For Three Years Now : Lady Confesses

Some of the people we call friends are our true enemies in disguise. A confession from a vile lady has shocked many social media users who have come across it.

According to this woman, she has been secretly dating her best friend’s husband for three straight years now.

As disclosed by her, her naive friend is not aware of what is going on between her and the hubby because she’s a school drop out hence not mentally inclined to connect the dots.

She revealed how she once took money from her best friend’s hubby who had earlier complained to his wife that he was broke at home.

And later loaned 4000 cedis out of the 5000 cedis she received from the friend’s hubby to her friend who paid it within a span of 3 months.

She’s now pregnant and her friend who is blind to all that is happening behind the scenes is very happy for her, meanwhile, she feels terribly guilty about being such an evil person.

Presently, she’s in a state of dilemma as to organize a baby shower or not for her unborn child because if she does, her friend’s hubby will defiantly be present as well as her friend herself as well.

And we all know what will happen after the clash which will expose the secret affair.

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