Drake Wins $2.75 Million After Betting On Argentina To Win The World Cup


It appears that rapper Drake has won $2.75 million, after betting on Argentina to win the World Cup.

The Canadian rapper was backing Lionel Messi to finally win the one tournament that has alluded him in his glittering career.

Drake posted a picture of his betslip on Instagram showing the seven-figure amount being put on stake.

If he wins he is set to more than double his money and collect a cool $2.75million.

However, fans are now worried that the “Drake curse” will strike again after his announcement.

The rapper has a habit of backing teams to win only for them to go on and lose.

One fan commented: “Yoo Drake please cancel your bet… you are going to ruin a historical day for no reason…”

A second said: “Drake bet on Argentina … I’m gonna put money on France to try and cancel the Jinx out”.

A third added: “So Drake also made a bet on the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA championship, and they won.

“It’s not over yet boys, Messi’s gonna break his curse”.

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