“I’m Still With My Ugly Boyfriend Because He’s Rich” : GH Lady Confesses | WATCH


A young and pretty Ghanaian lady has publicly revealed why she’s still with her boyfriend despite not looking aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking in a short Tiktok video, the lady who has received a public backlash concerning her distasteful comments about her boyfriend disclosed that she broke up with her ex-boyfriend because he was broke.

She went on to explain that she can never be with a financially handicapped man hence she agreed to date her current lover because of his money.

The gold-digger made this revelation while answering @juujee_koko on why she left her previous relationship to which she gave the terrible answer below;

I left my ex because he was broke, I can’t date broke guys, the guy I am dating currently is ugly but because he takes care of me I can’t leave him for anyone

Her video has since sparked wild reactions on social media for humiliating her boyfriend.

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