Lady Sends Kudus To “Alpha Hour” For Him To Marry Her

Apparently, there’s an ongoing battle between Ghanaian ladies on the internet over Kudus Mohammed who has now become a worldwide internet sensation following his two superb performances at the WorldCup so far.

Some ladies have even designed wedding flyers just to be ahead of the race to win the talented footballer’s heart.

A couple of audios which have been trending on the internet for the past few days also expose how some ladies have offered themselves as a ‘Thank You’ package to Mohammed Kudus for a good job done.

In one of the viral recordings by a lady sent to the Instagram DM of the star player, the unknown lady asked Kudus to send her his location as she was ready to go over for him to chop her.

Another lady has raised the bar and seems to be in a comfortable lead now, because she has resorted to spirituality to help her win the heart of the soccer star.

This lady known as Eugenia Ewurama on Facebook summoned Kudus to Alpha Hour Altar and ordered him to marry her in Jesus’ name.

She sent this prayer request to Gid during yesternight’s alpha hour session.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…

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