Confusion Hits Colleges Of Education As Students Decline To Write Exams Over CETAG Strike

There’s ongoing confusion in the Colleges of Education over examinations. At the moment students particularly those in Level 300 have vehemently declined to sit for the mid-semester exams.

From reasons making rounds and after GHpage’s intel gathered from the grounds, the students are peeved over the directives from some of the Affiliate Universities to them at the time CETAG is still on strike.

Also, some of the Principals of the Colleges of Education instead of siding with the teaching staff have made arrangements for the examinations to be done under the condition that they don’t want to destroy the academic calender even though CETAG is still on strike.

The Students on the other hand believe that their semester academic work was brought to a halt due to the industrial action by the teaching staff in demand to the government to satisfy their needs and conditions.

In some Colleges at the moment, the students went to the examination hall, sat and after the exam papers were shared with them rushed out of the hall in protest not to write the paper.

Students in other Colleges also have not even stepped out to dress up to talk of marching to the examination halls and sitting for the paper. Watch below some videos from grounds at some colleges of education.

Level 200’s of the respective Colleges of Education are advised by colleagues to follow suit and boycott the end-of-semester examinations. Non-Teaching staff cannot invigilate while the true ones (Teaching Staff – CETAG) to take charge are on strike. It’s not lawful. 

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