Squid Game Actor O Young-Su, 78, Will Go On Trial In February For Indecent Assault After He Was Accused Of 'Touching' A Woman


Squid Game actor, O Young-su will go on trial in February for charges of indecent assault after he was accused of 'touching' a woman, a South Korean court has said.


O Young-su, 78, was last week indicted over the allegations. The woman originally filed a complaint against O in December 2021 but they closed the case in April without filing charges against Yeong-su, reported Yonhap news agency.


But the prosecutor's office in Suwon, south of the capital of Seoul, reopened the case and investigated the allegations, which Yeong-su has consistently denied.


The woman accused him of making unwanted physical contact during a meeting in 2017. But O denied wrongdoing, telling a reporter from JTBC that he held the woman's hands to 'show her the way' as they walked round a lake.


He had offered the woman an apology last year, not because he acknowledged the accusations against him but because the woman allegedly told him she 'wouldn't raise an issue' about the incident if he did, according to JTBC. 


O became the first South Korean actor to win a Golden Globe, after he was named top supporting actor for his role in the hit Netflix show. He was also nominated for an Emmy for his performance in the Squid Game. 


Squid Game is a drama about a desperate group of adults who compete in deadly games for a chance to escape severe debt and win £45.6 billion. 

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