Racy Russian Twitch Star Banned From Platform 'For Nipples Through Top' Snap | PHOTOS


A Russian influencer who was banned from Twitch for her racy snaps has slammed the platform.

Streamer Mira was banned yesterday (December 19) for the second time this year - this time, she says, for wearing clothing that was too "revealing" and showed her nipples poking out through her shirt.

But Mira has hit back, claiming the decision to ban her from the social network "discriminates" against women's bodies.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "Twitch is reinforcing misogynistic system discriminating women bodies.

"If men are allowed to have nipples poke through a shirt, then women should be too.

"If I choose to wear socially appropriate clothing without underwear for comfort, @Twitch staff shouldn't ban my channel for it."

Fans were quick to support Mira and blast the platform's decision to temporarily suspend her account.

"You know we live in a clown world when female nipples are more regulated than guns," one wrote, while another added: "I kind of agree... This does seem gender biased and unfair."

Meanwhile a third added: "If we go by that logic should [men] wear a t-shirt when swimming?"

Mira, who also regularly shares saucy snaps with her 210k Instagram followers, was last banned from Twitch back in March.

Although the exact reason for her suspension was never confirmed, she said it was because she is Russian and "born in the wrong country".

At the time she wrote: "banned on ig, twitch and isolated from rest of the world for no good reason. being born in russia is trully a debuff."

She had previously been banned back in October 2021 for violating nudity rules, which she slammed at the time, calling the decision a "double standard".

Twitch’s guidelines do ban nudity on the platform and this includes a ban on showing women's nipples.

However, the rules do not apply to male nipples.

It is also unclear how long Mira will be banned from the platform, with some bans lasting just 24 hours, and others lasting longer.

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