"We Should Have Got A Divorce Ten Years Earlier" : Kevin Hunter Opens Up About Divorce From Wendy Williams


Kevin Hunter, who is the ex-husband of Wendy Williams and former executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show, has opened up about his divorce from her.


Kevin, who cheated on Wendy and got another woman pregnant while they were still married, spoke about his behind-the-screens experience, dealing with Wendy’s addiction, and his infidelity.

Speaking about their relationship he said, "Truth be told we should’ve got a divorce ten years earlier. Even our son, Kevin said that to us."


He claims Wendy knew about his relationship with Sharina.

He said: "Wendy had caught me years before with Sharina and I came clean then and I asked her if she wanted to end the marriage and she didn’t so we stayed together. I was too afraid of what would happen to Wendy if I wasn’t there."


Kevin also confirms that CharlamagneThaGod indeed introduced him to Sharina. He added that he gave Charlamagne his start.


"I let him live in my condo for free for like 6 or 7 years just helping him as much as I could, like a little brother. It wasn’t our family home or nothing like that so it was cool," Kevin said. "In reality Wendy told me early on that Charlamagne was not who I thought he was. She turned out to be right."

He praised Sharina for being his outlet saying, "there is no way that I or Wendy would have made it if I didn’t have her to turn to."


Speaking about Wendy’s current predicament, he says, "I will only say for now, that it breaks my heart to see what is happening to her. I know she is not in a good place and she is surrounded by people who are taking advantage of her condition including this so called guardianship. When our son stepped up as a young man to take on the responsibility of his mother’s care I was so proud of him. That didn’t last long once the people controlling her did everything they could to get her away from him. I knew it would be a bad thing. These people tried to say our son was taking advantage of his mother. That is a lie!"


Kevin Hunter Sr. recently filed legal documents to have his monthly payments from Wendy Williams resumed, despite her health and financial challenges. This caused him to suffer a backlash from the public.

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