23-Year-Old 'Mom' Of 34 Kids Shares Her Morning Routine That Starts At 4 AM


This 23-year-old Malawian woman, Tusaiwe Munkhondiya, is not just a mother, but a superhero. 

After a lonely and difficult childhood, she’s now created exactly the space she knew she always needed — providing a home, food, and love for vulnerable children in Malawi. 

The YANA Home and Foundation, her organization founded in 2020, has become a powerhouse of beauty that not only houses her 30+ children but also advocates for more than 500+ foster children. 

Whether it’s 4 AM wake-ups to prepare food, expanding her business to provide for more children, or advocating for a more honest mental health discussion — this superhero does it all. 

In her now-viral TikTok, she shares exactly the work she puts into maintaining and growing her huge family. 

This mom’s video of her 4 AM morning routine sparks interest in her busy and incredible life.

Shocked by the title and time, many viewers were already suspicious when they watched Tusaiwe’s morning routine video — one, unlike many others.

@tusaiweyana Someone requested this ⬆️ note:My other children are on holiday and I am the only one who cook for the under 5 children! & Every child has his/her own morning chores! #foodie ♬ QUIET DOWN 2 - Madison Malone

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