Beyoncé's Dubai Performance Caught on Camera Despite Strict Guidelines


There was also a live feed stream the hotel had up that had been capturing a lot of her sound checks in rehearsal ... which was promptly cut off right at the curtain call. And yet, despite their best efforts -- people on the ground were able to film it all regardless. 🤷🏽‍♂️ 

Bey was decked out in an elaborate, flowing yellow dress ... and the stage design was pretty intricate too -- coupled with a live orchestra and an awesome rising run backdrop to boot. 

BTW, this outing is a family affair ... Jay-Z was spotted near the Atlantis -- cozy up in his own private box with a bird's-eye view of the stage -- and Blue Ivy's there too. She even came on stage with mom at one point, continuing the tradition of sharing the spotlight. 

Official tour dates have yet to be announced, but after this mass leaking ... she might as well come out with it sooner than later. The people are restless! 

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