Ex-BF Of Kanye West's New 'Wife' Bianca Censori Breaks His Silence Following News Of Her Marriage To The American Rapper


The ex-boyfriend of Kanye West's new 'wife' Bianca Censori has broken his silence following news of her marriage to the American rapper.


Nick, who did not disclose his surname, told Nova FM's Fitzy & Wippa on Wednesday that Bianca, 27, 'wasn't a fan' of Kanye while they dated throughout high school and university.

He added that she was always 'too big' for Melbourne and he wasn't surprised by her success in the U.S. and newfound fame. 


'Bianca and I dated for six years and have known each other since we were teenagers,' he said.

'We have been through a huge amount together through high school and through university.


'We met as teenagers in the suburb of Ivanhoe [Melbourne] around the age of 14 in 2007 and began dating in 2014.'

He said they went their separate ways almost three years ago, which 'allowed us to both grow in relationships and in our careers'.


Nick explained that Bianca wasn't that familiar with Kanye's work before travelling to Los Angeles to work for his fashion empire.


'I wouldn't say she was the biggest fan of Kanye at the time, but I do have hilarious videos of her dancing in a boxy outfit to the song I Love It,' said Nick, referring to Kanye's 2018 collaboration with Lil Pump.

Nick explained that despite going their separate ways 'the day before [the] Melbourne lockdown in March 2020', the exes remain supportive of one another.


'Bianca has always been bigger than Melbourne and we both knew this,' he said. 'One time we travelled to America and she told me she would live there one day'.


However, Nick insisted Bianca's move overseas wasn't inspired by their break-up.


'The girl is extremely talented and took the leap to go chase her dream of being a famous architect, which she's achieved,' he said.

'Of course, I support them. If Bianca is happy [with Kanye], I am happy for her. 


'She has always been supportive of my relationships. I wish them the best and hope it's a modern-day love story.'


It comes after an old friend of Bianca's revealed details about her high school days.


The friend, named Kate, told Nova FM's Ben, Liam and Belle that Bianca was not a fan of Kanye West's music growing up, and was always part of the 'popular group'.


'I knew her pretty well. She was definitely in the popular group and she was known for her big boobs. That was kind of her thing,' Kate said.

'She was pretty hot, she was the hot one, friends with all the guys. [But] she was lovely.


'She wasn't one of the b**chy popular high school girls. I've got nothing bad to say about her.'


Kate explained Bianca had been studying architecture at the University of Melbourne when Kanye offered her a job.


'Ye slid into her DMs, found her on Instagram, and said, "Come and work for me," and she dropped out. I'm not actually sure if she's an architect,' she said. 


'Ye slid into her DMs, found her on Instagram, and said, "Come and work for me," and she dropped out. I'm not actually sure if she's an architect,' she said.


The rapper, 45, is said to have held a private ceremony with the Aussie designer last week, and the pair have been spotted wearing wedding rings.

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