Father Lashes His SHS 2 Daughter For Visiting Her Boyfriend


There’s a new trend in town where SHS girls lie to their parents that they are in school meanwhile they will be chilling with their boyfriends.

Recently, an SHS girl died inside her boyfriend’s room at Prampram while her parents thought she was in school learning.

A trending video on social media which has received massive applause from social media users shows a no-nonsense father lashing her daughter who wants to go astray.

According to reports, the young girl went to spend a full week inside her boyfriend’s room without the knowledge of her parents because they knew she was in school.

What gave her up was a video she shared on Tiktok in which she was having rum with her boyfriend inside the room.

A family member who came across the video on social media quickly saved it and later sent it to her father.

Upon her return home for money and some provisions, she was trapped and stripped naked to be lashed in front of her siblings and uncles to serve as a lesson to her to focus on her studies.

Watch the video below:

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