Harry Styles Mortified As His Trousers Split On Stage Inches Away From Fans' Faces And His Childhood Crush Jennifer Aniston | WATCH


Harry Styles was left mortified after he split his trousers while performing in front of his childhood crush Jennifer Aniston and fans.


The singer, 28, suffered a wardrobe mishap during his Los Angeles concert this week where he ripped his trousers down the middle during a dance move.


The hitmaker had been performing his song Music For A Sushi Restaurant when the awkward moment occurred.

He realised what had happened after feeling a slight breeze and quickly placed his hand over the massive tear in his leather trousers.

The look of horror on Harry’s face was visible.


The Grammy-winning star continued the performance. There were plenty of Pride flags in the crowd for him to grab, which he used as a temporary skirt to hide the damage.


In a clip from the show, Harry was seen running around the stage to grab a pride flag which he then tied around his waist. 

Taking a brief interval, Harry was later able to change into a second pair of brown trousers.


Joking about the incident with the audience afterwards, Harry said: "My trousers ripped. I feel I must apologise to a certain few of you right down in the front there. I mean this is a family show."


Addressing a man in the crowd near the front, he added: "You sir, are you OK? I promise it’s not part of the show."


Jennifer Aniston was among those spotted in the crowd at the concert.


Harry previously revealed the actress was his first celebrity crush during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2020.


Viewers have taken to Twitter to react to the incident.

Watch the video below.

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