Husband Finds Out His 3 Kids Are Not His Biological Children After Undergoing A Vasectomy


An agonizing tale of a man who got a vasectomy procedure only to learn that he is not the biological father of his three children has been shared on Twitter by a medical practitioner.

After his wife underwent three surgeries to give birth, doctors recommended she should stop giving birth – And this was what encouraged the husband to undergo a vasectomy.

After deciding to proceed with the surgery, the man learned that the three kids belonged to someone else.

The doctor disclosed that he was dumbfounded after the man sent him the paternity test showing the results.

He wrote, “I’ve battled so much to avoid saying this but I still got to say it because the guilt is enveloping me. February 11,2022 at 9:40am, a young man approached me here on Twitter and asked to consult me. I gave him instructions and after making payment I set up a virtual consultation.”

It was nothing serious, he just wanted to inquire about how safe vasectomy is. He had completed his family size, a boy and 2 beautiful girls. I assured him that it is completely safe with no major side effects apart from mild discomfort and some bruising which can actually be well-managed . I went ahead to encourage him that it is a sacrifice he can make for his wife to spare her the clouds of disruptions associated with female hormonal contraceptives.”

“I felt even more pity for the woman when I learnt that all the 3 children were birthed through CS.”

“The strong woman had already gone under the knife thrice. It would have been perfect if the couple had made the decision to stop procreation before the third CS, then, immediately after removing the baby, the Doctor would have carried out Tubal ligation like I always do, Thereby Killing two birds with one stone with no extra surgical risks. Unfortunately, Their decision came way after the third pregnancy and I felt it would be inhumane to advise him to send back that poor woman back under the knife for the fourth time, for tubal ligation.”

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