Husband Gives His Wife’s Credit Card To His Sidechick To Go Shopping


Drama erupted after a side chick unknowingly entered the shop of her sugar daddy’s wife to shop.

Apparently, the husband had told his wife that he was completely broke and as a good wife, she gave him her credit card to use in the meantime until things get better for him.

Not knowing the husband wanted to lavishly spend on his side chick but not from his account.

He handed over his wife’s credit card to his side chick to go shopping – The lady who had no idea that the credit card belonged to his sugar daddy’s wife also entered one of the many shops in the market to buy some clothes and shoes.

Unfortunately, the shop she entered belonged to her sugar daddy’s wife who immediately noticed that the credit card contained her details.

She called her husband on the phone to scorn him and later gave the lady some soft beatings.

Watch the video below:

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