“I Don’t Need A Child” : 30-Year-Old Woman Gets Her Fallopian Tube Tied


A 30-year-old lady has stirred reactions online after undergoing surgery to tie her fallopian tube.

The woman said in a social media video that she got the procedure because she didn’t want to become pregnant and deal with the physical and emotional scars that would result.

Although It’s her personal decision not to give birth but some social media users have found offence with it.

According to some comments under the trending video, the lady is a very selfish woman who should be castigated.

Some have also warned her about the impending loneliness ahead of her life when she eventually grows old and has no children or grandchildren to keep her company.

Clearly, the lady might have considered all these before getting her fallopian tube tied therefore we should just allow her to live her life and comfortably walk on the path she has chosen.

Watch the video below.

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