I’ve Killed More Than 200 People In The US : Ayisha Modi Reveals On Live TV

Ayisha Modi never ceases to amaze netizens. She always comes to the space with stories or attacks that will have her trending across social media platforms.

For years, the loud and unofficial PR for Dancehall act Stonebwoy aka 1GAD, Modi has been in the news predominantly for the wrong reasons.

Only a handful of her social media stunts are right and positive, the rest are beef only.

Well, in yet another shocking revelation of hers, Ayisha Modi in an interview with Kofi Adomah has bared to all in the 14 years job as Assisted Living Care officer in the US.

According to Ayisha Modi, she has killed over 200 old people in the United States. She jobs as an Assisted Living Care officer in the United States, helping the aged live without stress.

Ayisha Modi disclosed to Kofi Adoma that she is trained to do her job and licenced to kill people who wish to die per the consent of their respective families.

The controversial socialite revealed that she gives an injection to ease their pain and it gradually kills them. She said she’s permitted by the law to do it.

Backed with proof, Modi proudly went on to show off the face of one of the many women she injected to die. This revelation has landed her in deep social media lambasting.


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