Kanye West's New Wife Bianca Censori 'Wasn't A Fan' Of His Music Growing Up


Australian designer Bianca Censori hit headlines last week after it was revealed she had married Kanye West.

While the ceremony was not legally binding, Kayne’s fans were quick to try and find more information about his mystery beau, with there being no mention of Kanye, 45, even dating anyone before the news of his “wedding” broke.

A high school friend of Bianca, 27, was one of the first people to step forward and reveal intimate details about her life.

It turns out that despite being employed as a designer for Kanye’s fashion brand, Yeezy, Bianca was not a fan of the rapper’s music when she was younger.

The Melbourne-born architect dropped her career plans after Kanye scouted her as a designer via Instagram.

Bianca’s friend, named Kate, spoke to Nova FM's Ben, Liam and Belle about their high school days, admitting that Bianca was always a part of the “popular group”.

Kate said: “I knew her pretty well. She was definitely in the popular group and she was known for her big boobs. That was kind of her thing.

“She was pretty hot, she was the hot one, friends with all the guys. [But] she was lovely.

“She wasn't one of the b**chy popular high school girls. I've got nothing bad to say about her.”

Kate revealed how Bianca and Kanye met. The former had been a student at the University of Melbourne between 2013-2017, studying for a Bachelor’s degree. Bianca then studied a Masters degree in Architecture, graduating in 2020. Some time while she was at university, Kanye got in touch to offer her a job.

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