Man In Tears After A Lady He Took From The Village And Sponsored Abroad Dumps Him


A young man is in a state of shock after his girlfriend dumped him upon her arrival in South Africa.

According to the man, he took the lady from her poor background and did everything for this lady only to end up breaking up with him at the end when he thought they had a future together.

In sharing his story, the man stated that he relocated the lady from her village in Asamankese to Accra and made life comfortable for her.

According to the man, the lady whose biological father resides in South Africa stopped taking care of her because the lady claims her father told her he wasn’t going to spend any money on her again.

He explained that this was because he(father) said he has spent a lot of money on her but he couldn’t get a better result from her hence he is no more giving her any money.

The broken hearted man went on to say that after knowing the story, he did his possible best and made sure the lady and her South African based father made peace.

Fast forward, he toiled and gathered money to aid his girlfriend to travel out of the country.

The lady requested he gives her a promise ring and also assure her that he would marry her. He did that for the lady because he already had good intentions for her.

His girlfriend got the chance to travel to South Africa and few weeks after her arrival sent him a message telling him that they can no longer be in a relationship.

The man revealed that all this happened when he was also gathering money so he could join her in South Africa for them to get married.

Watch the video of the man narrating his story:

The man who is pissed used the opportunity to curse the lady for all the things he has made him go through when she knew they were not going to have any future together. 

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