Medikal Shares The Latest On His Relationship With Sister Derby Despite Being Married To Fella Makafui

Rapper AMG Medikal has revealed that he and Sister Derby, have never been in the same space after their messy breakup in 2018.

Medikal and Sister Derby infamously broke up after dating for a period of around 3 years.

According to the rapper, the two who were in a mutually beneficial relationship offered support to each other music-wise. He said this in an interview with Abeiku Santana on ATUU.

He was there for her and came through to help Derby write music. Medikal, on the other hand, listened to her suggestions during their time together.

“Because we were both in the limelight, Medikal was a rapper; she was also an actress and a singer, so people were paying attention to the things we were doing.

“I think we helped each other. She used to do songs that I helped her write. She also gave me ideas when I was writing my songs. Of course, she helped me,” Medikal disclosed.

The musician added that they have both avoided each other, although there is no bad blood between them.

“Our path has never closed since we broke up. No, I guess she doesn’t go where I hang out. I don’t have anything against her and I believe she feels the same.”

Medikal is now married to Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui. They have a child together and are living happily.

He mentioned that nothing has changed in his life even after marriage. He remains the same.

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