Overtaking Anointing : Zionfelix’s 2nd Baby Mama Erica Mocks Bleeding Mina


Erica, the second baby mama of Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix, appears to be celebrating her victory over her rival, Mina.

Mina, who recently announced her separation from Zionfelix, has now exited the love triangle, paving the way for Erica to declare victory.

And the Ghanaian living in Italy is not going to pass up the opportunity.

A new video of Erica has surfaced online, in which she flaunts her happiness while taking shots at Mina.

Erica was dancing to a song about 'overtaking anointing' with her son and Zionfelix by her side.

It’s well known Mina was Zion’s first love until Erica jumped onto the scene and ‘overtook’ her.

See her video below:

Erica's glee comes after Mina warned her in her post announcing her breakup with Zion.

Mina basically said, in the form of a proverb, that Zionfelix would cheat on Erica in the same way that he cheated on her! 

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