Zionfelix's Girlfriend Minalyn Dumps Him


Minalyn, the baby mama of Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix, has spoken out for the first time about her current relationship with the blogger.

It is no longer news that the blogger cheated on Minalyn, resulting in him impregnating Erica, a Ghanaian living in Italy.

There has been drama between the three parties since the blogger's news'secret' made its way onto social media.

Minalyn, who has always kept quiet about everything, has decided to begin the new year by telling the entire world the truth and responding to some allegations and comments on social media.

She revealed in a lengthy post on her official Instagram page that rumors that she has a son for Zionfelix or is pregnant for him are false and should be ignored by anyone who hears them.

According to her, Zionfelix is now history because she has moved on and no longer has an intimate relationship with him, claiming that he (Zionfelix) didn't understand the value of gold (Minalyn), so she left to be with someone who does.

She blamed Zionfelix for their beautiful relationship because he opened the door and let another lady into their relationship.

Minalyn also revealed that Zionfelix's pregnancy with Erica was not an accident, but rather planned.

Read her full post below:

“Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter”. I must admit that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, however truth must be told that some opinions are pointing to the wrong direction. It is against this background that I have resolved to write and address the subject matter being speculated about myself and Zion.

First and foremost, the rumors being speculated that I have taken seed and/or given birth to a baby boy with Zion being the father are absolutely false. There’s no iota of truth in those speculations. I am not pregnant neither have I given birth to a baby boy.

Let me hasten to add that I have moved on with my life and no longer in an intimate relationship with Zion “Gold they say should be sold to the one who knows the value of it.”

If another woman was able to force her way into our relationship destroying it in the process, then this can obviously be attributed to the fact that my partner availed himself and deliberately opened the door for that to happen. This I can confidently say wasn’t a mistake as claimed but was premeditated. You will all bear me out that it is unfair for someone’s uncontrollable actions to be my headache or someone else. Posterity will judge us all. I wish him and whoever is involved well.

I wish to express my profound gratitude to all who sent me messages of encouragement and remembered me in their prayers. I am most grateful. To all those who out of hatred fabricated expensive lies against me and jubilated over me, I forgive you all but leave you in the hands of Jehovah. for vengeance is His. In life, It is said that “the dance of a mad man is only funny when he is not your family member.”

Remember, the fall of brown leaves is a forewarning to the green ones.
All said and done, I have by this medium concretely established the truth that Zion and I are no longer partners and share no intimacy.

May GOD continue to bless us all Happy new year.

Shalom ??

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